Hyaluronic Daily Moisturizer


This glow moisturizer combines two transformative ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid and Kakadu Plum (Vitamin C), which leave the skin hydrated, lifted, and radiant. Powerful enough to generate effective results and gentle enough to use daily.

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Deep Hydration & Radiance
Pollution & Blue Light Protectant
Increased Collagen Production

Daily AM & PM

Bioactive Hydration Collection Set

An anti-pollution & anti-aging cosmeceutical skincare line. Made accessible and for all skin types. Keep your skin hy...

Hyaluronic Acid

Supercharge your skin to be plump from within. Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting and radiant hydration while minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

A superfruit with 10x the Vitamin C in oranges, omegas, rich in essential vitamins, powerful plant compounds, and packed with antioxidants that reverse the effects of aging and UV exposure.

Bioactive Complex

A powerful combination to increase microbiome diversity, improve cell turnover, and to create barrier protection against harmful environmental pollutants and blue light.

Kakadu Plum

With the most bio-available concentration of Vitamin C, this collagen enhancing superfruit activates and delivers hyaluronic acid throughout the skin for a youthful complexion.


Magnesium destresses the skin, enhances skin elasticity, and increases hydration. It’s also a major mineral that promotes the synthesis of essential molecules.

Made in Los Angeles, California.

Frequently asked questions about the Hyaluronic Daily Moisturizer


Hi, is the moisturizer really thick? Can I use it in the morning?


No, this moisturizer is light weight and perfect to use under makeup/spf. Our Daily Hyaluronic Moisturizer was created to be used as a daily AM/PM moisturizer.


Has this product been tested for heavy metals and toxins?


Yes! All of our clinical trials and lab results will be available on our ingredient page.